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Gooding County Memorial Hospital District (GCMH) is created.


St. Luke's begins managing Gooding Memorial Hospital.


General Obligation Bond levy to construct a new hospital fails to pass.


The Idaho Supreme Court renders an important decision, changing the face of district and county hospital law.

These new regulations include Idaho State Statute 39-1339, creating additional constraints to district hospitals not incurred by other hospitals. This significantly impacts the ability of government hospitals to provide even the most basic care in their communities. 

Gooding Hospital is notified that their aging facility will no longer be grandfathered in to meet updated safety codes. The GCMH Board of Directors researches several options that meet these goals.  However, State Statutes governing hospital districts restrict the hospital’s capital borrowing capacity to 50% of the amount needed to fund the construction of a new hospital.  This leads to the search for a partner that can help achieve their goal.


Partners in Healthcare, Inc. (PIH) is created through a partnership with the Hospital District and St. Luke's.

While the creation of the partnership doesn't require a vote, PIH obtains legal confirmation, seeks community input and receives support from over 80% of Gooding County voters.


The newly-constructed North Canyon Medical Center, owned by PIH, opens to the public.


PIH refinances a high-interest (7.25%) Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) loan with USDA Rural Development to a rate of 2.375%, for an annual cost savings of $200,000 in interest.

This allows PIH to finance the construction of a new Medical Plaza. USDA provides the low interest direct loans totaling $21,720,000 to PIH to expand facilities and construct a 33,000-square-foot Medical Plaza. The project is also funded through an owner cash injection of $2,425,000 and the issuance of $15,000,000 at 5.3% in Tax Exempt Bonds through the Idaho Health Facilities Authority.


North Canyon Medical Plaza is completed.

Dec 2016

St. Luke's withdraws from PIH, Inc. and PIH, Inc. changes its name to North Canyon Medical Center, Inc.

St. Luke’s is no longer represented on the Board of Directors and is not involved in the operations of the hospital. Our local, elected Board of Directors oversees the operations of the hospital. 


North Canyon Medical Center operates with the Hospital District as the sole member.

May 2017

North Canyon Medical Center asks the Idaho Attorney General about the possibility of starting a clinic in Buhl, Idaho.  The Idaho Attorney General rejects the Buhl plan if NCMC uses tax dollars and determines that the legal structure of NCMC is problematic under Idaho law.  The Attorney General recommends dissolving the District. 

June 2017

NCMC conducts a Feasibility Study to examine operating without tax dollars. The proposed changes are a direct result of those findings.

Sept 2017

North Canyon Medical Center files an L-2 Budget Request for zero tax dollars and announces its intention to dissolve the Hospital Taxing District.

Jan - Feb 2018

A petition to dissolve the Hospital Taxing District is circulated to allow for a final vote by Gooding County voters on May 15, 2018. Community open houses are held across Gooding County to discuss the future of healthcare and impacts of the change.