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Frequently asked questions


What happens if we leave everything as it is?

Change is required to comply with Idaho law, according to the Idaho Attorney General. Several options have been researched through a feasibility study and considered by a work group. This approach is the least disruptive and fits well with the strategic plan we developed well over a year ago.

What are the benefits of the proposed change?

This change allows us to continue to provide high quality healthcare to the people of Gooding County and across our service area through a locally owned and operated hospital. Gooding County is growing and access to healthcare needs to continue to expand. As a stand-alone non-profit, we can expand our service area to better serve the surrounding communities. This change also allows us to adapt to market changes and provide for continued growth.

Who will run the hospital?

For over a decade, North Canyon Medical Center has been operating the medical facilities in Gooding in accordance with District agreements.  If the change is approved, North Canyon would continue to deliver health services and have a local hospital board to make decisions based on what is best for patients.

How will the changes take place?

We will need the support of the Commissioners and well as the support of the community to make this change.  We are in discussion with the Gooding County Commissioners on a comprehensive plan. Once it is developed and approved it will be made available to the public. The community supported a petition to dissolve the District, and now the Gooding County Commissioners will decide what to do with the assets and liabilities of the District. This decision, and the dissolution of the Hospital District, will ultimately be subject to the approval of eligible voters on May 15, 2018.

Can the hospital survive without tax revenue?

With our continued success and growth, and a new ownership structure, we will be in a position to operate without tax dollars. The current structure restricts NCMC's geographic footprint and limits access to capital. 

In prior years, the taxpayers of Gooding County have supported the Hospital with approximately $800k per year in tax revenue, and growth through expansion will be required to off-set this lost revenue. The change in structure will allow NCMC to fully participate in its market and replace the tax revenue.

What is the plan for expansion?

We want to continue to serve Gooding County, while growing to serve our surrounding communities. The first project we plan to undertake is the construction of a clinic in Buhl.    

Will Gooding County residents save money?

Yes.  Taxpayers have historically contributed approximately $800k to the hospital.  As of now, the hospital no longer receives tax revenue and if dissolved, Gooding County residents would not be assessed Hospital District taxes in the future.

Are you going to sell to a health system?

We have put considerable effort toward our independence and will continue to operate and grow as a stand-alone, non-profit for the foreseeable future.

How will this affect current employees and patients?

This change is anticipated to have a minimum impact on patients and staff. The expansion will result in additional employment opportunities and greater access to care.

Will you raise the price of health care to offset the loss of the taxpayer funds?

Affordable health services are currently available at North Canyon Medical Center and we are committed to continuing a model of care that gives patients access to world-class care at competitive rates.

Were there programs that were funded by tax dollars that NCMC might cut? 

Our mission at NCMC is to serve our community, and the programs that we currently provide would not change and those community investments will be reported to the IRS each year.  As a non-profit hospital the IRS requires us to give back and reinvest in our community.

Does the Hospital District own the facility and will NCMC need to purchase the asset?

North Canyon Medical Center is District-owned company and a community asset. The terms and conditions of a transfer are under discussion with the Gooding County Commissioners. Any assets that are retained by the County will not be available to NCMC to provide health services. The goal of the transaction is to allow the community to receive the maximum benefit from the District’s assets.

You were almost bankrupt in 2010, how will you manage now without tax dollars?

Through hard work, prudent management and difficult decisions, North Canyon Medical Center has emerged financially sound. The Attorney General has stated that the current structure is not allowed under Idaho Law, so we have carefully studied all available options and are proposing what we feel is best for the community and the future of healthcare in Gooding County.

Why did St. Luke’s get out of the PIH?

Our hospital entered into a Management Agreement with St. Luke’s in 1998. In December 2007, Gooding County Memorial Hospital District and St. Luke’s Health System formed the non-profit entity, Partners in Healthcare, Inc. With this new organization in place, financing was secured to build a new facility and in March 2010, North Canyon Medical Center opened. St. Luke’s was a strategic partner for NCMC during this time and the financial and clinical performance of the hospital began to thrive.

Effective December 23, 2016, St. Luke’s Health System withdrew as an owner of Partners in Healthcare, Inc. and the name of the non-profit was changed from Partners in Healthcare to North Canyon Medical Center, Inc., a name more closely aligned with the independence of the hospital and its single owner/member, Gooding County Memorial Hospital District.  The separation was amicable.


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